Earlier this month, Malaysia Airlines found out that its Boeing 777 aircraft with 239 passengers did not arrive to its intended destination. Flight MH370 departed from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at 12:55 a.m. local time and was expected to land in Beijing, China by 6:30 a.m.

The search for the missing aircraft has been an ongoing investigation among 26 nations, which may cause a lot of confusion for family and friends who are waiting for an update on the plane. As a way to reduce confusion on such rumors, Malaysia Airlines created a text alerts system for these individuals.

"Considering these challenges, our caregivers have informed the family members of the missing passengers and crew that we have taken the decision to continue to provide information and assistance through the further enhanced Family Support Center (FSC) based in Kuala Lumpur which has been operational since March 8, 2014," Malaysia Airlines said in a statement.

This SMS service will allow anyone who has waited in FSCs in Beijing or Kuala Lumpur the option to get up-to-date information without physically staying in the airport. Those who refuse to leave the premises don't have to — FSCs will remain open around the clock with "house trained family support representatives," The Star, an online publication based out Malaysia, reported.

"Our top priority remains to provide any and all assistance to the families of the passengers and crew," the statement added.

The search for the missing aircraft has been an ongoing challenge. Initially it was focused near the South China Sea, which is east of Vietnam. However, after looking into the plane's more recent hourly satellite pings, the search has significantly has been narrowed down to areas off the coast of Australia, toward the South Pole.

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