Throughout the day, workers across multiple departments find themselves in different parts of the office. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with one another to schedule meetings or facilitate other communication needs. Instead of making a phone call that may interrupt a conversation with others in the room, staffers can benefit from a company-wide text messaging service.

More than a majority of Americans and Canadians have their own smartphone device, so why not install an SMS alerts system for business purposes? This way, users can look down at their phones and receive the information they need quickly and efficiently, according to Entrepreneur Magazine contributor Jacqueline Whitmore.

"Text messaging is the fastest way to communicate in business," she wrote. "Quicker than email and more convenient than a phone call, it's become commonplace."

In fact, research from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology found that staff members who take miniature breaks to send text messages throughout the work day are more productive than those who spend too much of their time surfing the web or in the weeds of their pertinent tasks.

"This information tells us what factors are related to happy employees," Sooyeol Kim, one of the study's authors, told Business News Daily. "If they are happy with social activities and employers know that, they may want to use the phone for those purposes during micro breaks in the future."

Many businesses have noticed that more of their workers are utilizing their phones to send texts, whether it be for personal or commercial use.

Sometimes, time-sensitive information needs to be shared with staffers, but cannot be said via email because everyone's inboxes are filled with messages. Why waste time waiting if the individual can send a text? Swift SMS Gateway has the tools to develop a business text message portal.