The use of mobile marketing tools may have been around for many years, but now small and mid-sized businesses are beginning to catch onto their potential. What seemed like a gimmick to some business owners is becoming more of the norm as trade shows feature sessions on such, while research institutions attempt to identify how much more traffic a business is getting from mobile strategies, according to Post Bulletin.

Borrell Associates found that local organizations plan on dedicating 20 percent of their advertising budgets to mobile tactics like text alerts and SMS reminders this year, which is about a 40 percent increase overall. This means that in the near future, businesses that don't use mobile marketing technology will be the minority.

Another study from the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) experienced similar results. Instead of being afraid of mobile marketing platforms, executives are trying to identify exactly how to get the message.

"It's [still] significant to note that mobile took a significant step forward in this year's survey," Rhianna Collier, vice president of SIIA's software division, explained to MediaPost.

Unlike other mobile marketing strategies, we have seen first-hand how text messaging services have helped businesses. These straight-forward messages have helped customers get exactly what they need, which in turn leads to referrals.

What also makes text messaging a more effective marketing strategy is that it is a cost-effective solution, while providing results similar to those of other methods. Swift SMS Gateway has the tools to develop an SMS marketing strategy that works best for your targeted audience.