Smartphones are owned by a large number of Americans, and now these technology companies want to get a little closer. Wearable technology is not a new concept, in fact it's been used in the health and fitness sector for many years.

Recently, businesses like Google and Samsung have released their line of "smart" glasses and watches, which has led to other manufacturers to consider implementing their own rendition of these accessories. However, if they plan on releasing such, they should be able to receive text alerts because that is considered a priority to consumers.

A survey found from ABI Research asked customers what they wanted from smartwatches as a way to identify what features should be included on all devices, seeing how they are only able to hold about 12 or more tasks at this time. Smartwatch manufacturers are currently operating with a "scattergun approach," ABI Research Officer Stuart Carlaw told Fierce Mobile IT.

"This recent research clearly shows that a more targeted, segmented and use-case driven approach to design is needed," he said.

When ABI initially rolled out this survey, they were talking to customers who usually spend about $1,000 to $5,000 on a watch. What came as a surprise is that these customers reported that "their desired price point for a smartwatch was in the $50-$500 range."

Along with some sort of text message service, participants felt all smartwatches should also have caller identification and call alerts. This shows that consumers will continue to utilize text messages to communicate with one another.

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