Consumers relied on their smartphones and tablets more often in 2013 than any year, according to Mashable's "Metrics that Matter" series. Because there are so many devices to choose from, businesses are having a hard time pinpointing what aspect of their mobile marketing campaign they should improve.

"Mobile is on every single market's agenda for 2014," Michael Blumefeld, consultant for Maxymiser, told Mashable. "One of the big mistakes a lot of brands today still make is that they tack on mobile as an after-thought to their larger marketing strategy."

Mashable continued by discussing how businesses should improve their marketing campaigns in 2014, but neglected to mention the value of SMS marketing. Today's customer is looking to find ways to seamlessly translate communication from one medium to another, and businesses can streamline their ads better with the use of a text message. 

Businesses that leveraged a portion of their marketing toward mobile found great success. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, these enterprises saw sales increase by over 100 percent, even beyond 200 percent on Thanksgiving. This is an example that demonstrates why there is value in going with mobile, but steps toward this success is a lot simpler than they think.

Organizations that make it easier for customers to go from one part of their device to another are likely to increase traffic and sales. For example, if a customer received an alert about a time-sensitive coupon and the text message had a shortened link to the website, they are more likely to make a purchase because the company simplified the shopping experience.

Text messages have an over 90 percent read and open rate, much higher than most marketing campaigns. Swift SMS Gateway can help enterprises develop a strategy that best suits the company and its client base.