Cell phone use has made it easier for Americans and Canadians to complete many tasks, but there are many others out there trying to take advantage of this technology.

One way scammers have attacked smartphone owners is through spam text messaging services. While this illegal activity has caused quite a stir in the United Kingdom, three American cell phone carriers decided to no longer hold their subscribers liable for these messages, Verge reported.

Whether a person is inadvertently sending or receiving these messages, these companies decided that not holding their client base responsible for these actions is their way of "making things right," T-Mobile CEO John Legere explained. Action toward this decision was led by William Sorrell, Attorney General for Vermont.

"We are pleased that AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have decided to stop the flow of money from the pockets of ordinary people to the bank accounts of scam artists," Sorrell told Verge. "We're hopeful the other carriers will soon follow their lead."

Sorrell worked with 44 other states to get on board with the anti-spam movement. Once this change is in effect, subscribers who sends a short code text to political campaigns or charities will be personally responsible for those charges. 

By eliminating "premium SMS" plans altogether, customers who are under T-Mobile and AT&T will not be charged for subscribing to a business' SMS Service.

This revision can greatly cause a surge of opportunities for organizations because subscribers under these carriers are going to be more likely to use these services. Swift SMS Gateway has the capabilities to build a strategic SMS marketing campaign for companies of all sizes.