The shape of the American economy is improving, which means more businesses will have room to hire additional employees. Due to technology, job seekers no longer have to hand-write job applications—this process can be done in the privacy of their home.

Although the online market is growing, there's about 20 percent of American households that do not have internet access, KOMO, a Washington-based ABC affiliate, reported. How can candidates compete in the 21st century working population? One organization created an SMS service that allows job seekers to apply for positions via text message.

"Workers can complete job applications from the device they carry with them 24/7, and it saves them a lot of time," Jobaline founder Luis Salazar told KOMO News.

This specific platform focuses on the hourly job market, which consists of 57 percent of the United States' workforce. Creating this resource can help hiring managers find more qualified employees. Businesses can customize their application to consist of prescreening and trade-specific questions.

For Rick Amero at Madden Industrial Craftsmen Inc., he has hired more than 50 percent of the 40 candidates he interviewed. Amero added that the system gave him peace of mind "knowing that these candidates are going to be good and going to be who they say they are."

Businesses that want to expand their applicant pool reach may want to consider developing their own text alerts strategy. This line can provide listings or links to mobile-friendly application forms for prospective hires. Swift SMS Gateway has the SMS API developers to build this type of platform.