Businesses go through highs and lows, and it is important to have the right resources to handle both ends of the spectrum. Because text messaging services and other technologies make it easier for a customer to get in touch with a retailer, they expect their products to be delivered quickly.

Organizations must meet these needs,or they could be subject to a negative review on the internet. Because of the importance of their relationships with customers, businesses should find ways to ensure they are consistently satisfied. Fortunately, they can improve the bottom line and the way they process orders with an SMS service.

Why inventories should correlate to demand

Building a computer requires many parts from a variety of builders. Slow production of one component can cause significant delays, potentially hurting their market position. Reports from IDC and Gartner show that some personal computer (PC) shipments have been low in the last quarter, but the magnitude varied from company to company.

For example, Lenovo's shipments went up 0.4 percent at 14.1 million units whereas ASUS fell 34 percent. Despite new technologies, about 81.6 million PC units have been shipped around the world, which is a 7.6 drop from 2012, the New York Times reported.

These large fluctuations in business performance make it important for businesses to stay in touch with their suppliers to coordinate accurate delivery schedules. With the holiday season approaching, it is even more important to stay in touch with suppliers and retailers. If a specific computer model is going on sale, all aspects of the supply chain should be on the same page to ensure proper delivery.

Organizations that are looking to improve communication with suppliers can look into Swift SMS Gateway because they have the experience to implement these types of programs.