Whenever a business is chosen to complete a project, they are expected to complete their portion of the agreement. Setbacks can occur, but it is important to have the necessary tools to help expedite operations during these time sensitive occasions.

In Brazil, where progress to prepare for the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) 2014 World Cup has been slow, delays are piling up. The nation has two months to construct six more stadiums by December, but may not be able to do so because one of their sites have halted operations, according to the Irish Times.

Construction for the Curitiba stadium stopped because "countless infractions have been committed," Lorena Colnago of the Parena Regional Labor Tribunal wrote in a statement. The company in charge of this particular project will have to wait for another inspection before it  can work on the facility again. During this time, all workers can do is establish a plan once the project can start, this is an example where an SMS service would come in handy.

The construction company can reach out to notify workers to be available when supplies arrive to the construction site, which will ensure people are spending less time waiting and more hours committed to the project at hand. Keeping paths of communication open is important during these crucial times. 

FIFA plays Brazil another visit

In response to what happened at Curitiba, FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke will visit this site and others that are a part of Brazil's plans this December. Brazil is already under fire for only completing two out of the six venues during this year's Confederations Cup on time, the Associated Press reported.

Out of the six stadiums that are part of the December time table, five of them are less than 90 percent completed as of September. Construction companies running on a extremely tight schedule could maximize productivity from text alerts, informing all workers on their daily objectives early on in the day, to guarantee that construction continues to run smoothly.

Businesses that wish to expedite communication with their employees who are located in multiple sites can use the support of an experienced text messaging service provider. Swift SMS Gateway has the tools to build this platform, ensuring that it is rolled out smoothly for use as soon as possible.