Transportation services are a large part of the American economy. With more than 3 million drivers on the road, it is important for drivers to get the most up-to-date information on their routes. Businesses are always running on tight schedules, but have to leave room for issues beyond the drivers' control.

For example, road repairs happen year-round, which are likely to slow down the progress of a driver's route. Delivery service companies can send out text alerts informing business owners that their parcel may arrive late. Knowing this information in advance can be useful to staff members because they can commit more of their time on work-related tasks instead of waiting for a delivery to arrive.

A recent study from Atlas Van Lines showed that 66 percent of delivery truck drivers use their mobile devices at some point of their trip. About 84 percent check the internet daily and more than 75 percent access their email accounts. Transportation service companies have the opportunity to be even more connected with their personnel. In turn, the warehouse can reach out to customers. Through keeping in touch with the clientele, they are less likely to be unhappy with the organization managing their items.

Text message services can also improve paths of communication with other drivers and parcel sorting offices. Since more than 1.5 million drivers have their cell phones within an arm's reach, why not make the most of it? Drivers can tell their manager the cargo truck's inventory count after a day of deliveries or that their truck broke down.

Transportation companies who would like to increase efficiency among drivers on the road can through the support of Swift SMS Gateway.