Jury duty may be a civic responsibility for every American adult, but people usually don't want to be chosen. However, the stress of waiting for an order in the mail may soon be alleviated if  residents in Racine County, Wisconsin choose to receive their notice online or via text message, according to the Journal Times, a newspaper based in Wisconsin. 

It may seem like a new concept, but Racine is the 20th county in the state to implement this kind of SMS service. Those who want to opt-in into the online or text message system has to to fill out a Juror Qualification Questionnaire online after they receive their initial summons notice in the mail.

"The courts have an obligation to keep up with the times," Roseanne Lee, Clerk of Circuit Court, said in a press release. "There is a whole generation out there that has never experienced a time without emails or text messages. We need to meet everyone where they are comfortable."

Tasks like checking the scheduling service date and receiving a summons can be sent to a local's cell phone number, but they have to complete the online questionnaire first. From there, people can choose to receive the most up-to-date information on their summons before getting to the court house.

Before this program, people had to be put on hold and wait for the next available agent—possibly taking up more time out of their workday.

Lee's statement about the prominence of cell phone and text messaging is exactly why more businesses should get on board with SMS marketing. If SMS is one of the most commonly used applications, with messages being read within three minutes of receiving it, what do business owners have to lose? 

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