Once a business has a strong following with loyal customers from its SMS marketing campaign, it can creatively increase engagement with its targeted audience. This doesn't mean companies have to stop doing last-minute deals or exclusive coupons, but why not do a giveaway?

In fact, text-to-win contests can occur whenever the business can afford the coveted prize. Up-front, the investment may appear expensive, but having a strong clientele is much more rewarding, according to an article in Business 2 Community. For example, Coors Light is launching a user-generated contest called "Coors Light Refresh Your Night" with its Northeast fan base.

People who want to be in the running for packages like a night out with nine friends or concert tickets or Coors Light merchandise have to text a photograph of a night out to the sponsored short code. Eligible entries will be featured on the brewery's online photo gallery, according to Media Post.

"For legal-drinking-age adults across the Northeast, Coors Light often is part of the transition from the work day to a refreshing and energetic nightlife," Ashly Guhring, MillerCoors field marketing director for the Northeast region, told the source. "Now we're letting fans post photos of their nights out and rewarding some lucky winners with awesome prizes that will truly transform their nights."

The two-month long contest will allow entries to post pictures from other social media outlets as well, but Coors Light is trying to increase customer engagement through this SMS service.

This text-to-win contest has the potential to gain many fans and followers because the request Coors Light is asking of people is equal to the possible reward. Business 2 Community recommends staffers to look at past posts on their account to see which one(s) drive the most attention. Building a text-to-win contest around specific services/products will drive the most incentives.

The best part about text-to-win contests is that they are still text alerts. Other organizations that want to start establishing a relationship with their customers can do so with Swift SMS Gateway.