Lately, the list of features on a cell phone are so long that most users do not take advantage of its full capabilities. One tool that has always been easy-to-use for all customers is the text messaging system. This feature has become more advanced since its beginning of 160 characters, and this platform is now able to reach a variety of wireless devices, according to Entrepreneur Magazine.

At its core, the short message service (SMS) can reach users that are both reluctant to switch over to smartphones and those who are tech-savvy at the same time. Keep it simple with texts and users should not have a hard time opening or reading these messages.

Additionally, the success of SMS and SMS marketing is growing. According to Infonetics, mobile data (text messaging, multimedia messaging and mobile broadband) service revenue rose in every international region because of smartphones. With a continuous growing reach, businesses of all sizes can take advantage of SMS marketing tools.

Lastly, SMS marketing differs from email marketing because of its minimal nature. Email advertising can often have too many links or graphics, and the simplicity of SMS marketing allows businesses to offer their subscribers a coupon or special offer—they are also redeemed eight times more often than an emailing marketing campaign, according to Venture Beat.

However, this does not mean that businesses should send their SMS subscribers messages throughout the day. Constant automated messages from a businesses may become a nuisance similar to email marketing campaigns.

Avoid the chances of sending unread messages by limiting the amount of texts sent every month. Upcoming sales, special offers and holidays are plenty of opportunities. Swift SMS Gateway can help explain to businesses how mobile marketing campaign can work for them.