Advancements in nanotechnology have made cell phones a valuable possession. Memories are recorded through the pictures, videos and text messages hiding in our phones and whenever an individual's phone malfunctions or breaks, they are quickly running to a cell phone provider hoping for a solution.

"They always tell me that their whole life is in the phone," Freedom Wireless' Beaver Valley Mall store manager Todd Tesner told the Beaver County Times. "'This is the most important thing, if I lose this I lose everything', that's the biggest phrase I hear."

Think about the tasks you do on your phone daily. How often do you surf the web or check social media? It is likely that most mobile device subscribers actually spend a majority of their time going through their text messages. According to the Wireless Association, Americans sent 2.19 trillion text messages, averaging about 171.3 billion texts per month.

In recent years, retailers know that customers spend a bulk of their time on their cell phones. It did not take long to measure the influence of sending mass texts to subscribed customers through SMS.

Despite the popularity of email marketing, which has been around for a while, SMS marketing is doing pretty well. SMS Marketing is more effective because 98 percent of their promotional messages are opened whereas only 22 percent of emails are opened, according to Venture Beat.

Why is the return rate is so high for SMS? The individuals that are signing up for a mobile subscription are typically loyal customers. Therefore, they are constantly excited to explore new goods and services. Email campaigns tend to flood inboxes more often than customers would like, increasing their chances of going straight to the trash folder unread.

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