The humane society is ramping up its marketing efforts in a number of areas as a way to increase awareness of animal abuse and find more homes for unadopted pets. While the organization still uses traditional methods such as TV advertising, it is also launching more innovative programs. Recently, it initiated a text message marketing campaign.

By sending text messages to potential adopters, the Humane Society can introduce new arrivals in addition to heavily promoting animals who have been waiting a long time to be taken home by a loving family. By using mobile marketing, the organization will be able to reach a large group of recipients in a short amount of time, which can help save a number of animals' lives.

Bob Bentz, who was hired to assist with the Humane Society's campaign, spoke in a recent press release about the power of this new partnership. He explained that his love of animals is what prompted him to take the Humane Society on as a client.

"Saving dogs has always been a passion of mine and I'm sure it is also a passion of many of our customers as well," Bentz said. "It's rewarding to know that businesses are increasing sales through text message marketing and we are able to save dogs' lives because of it."

This illustrates the power of mobile marketing. Not only can it help companies bring more customers through their front doors, they can assist with charitable efforts and help save lives. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools needed to launch mobile marketing campaigns that can really make a difference.