In the smartphone era, monthly mobile rates have risen considerably, mainly due to data plan requirements. Android and iPhone users are paying extra each month, and now are looking for ways to alleviate those costs. One possible solution that many are on board with is receiving advertisements on their devices in lieu of paying higher bills.

Text message marketing is already an effective method for businesses to reach new customers, and if more people are willing to accept this communication as a way to reduce their monthly payments, its value will only go higher. A UK study conducted by Guavas indicates that 47 percent of mobile users would gladly receive mobile marketing messages, which in turn allows carriers to benefit from advertising dollars, as a way to save on the monthly bill. 

Louis Brun, senior vice president for Guavus, released a statement on the study indicating that while it may take some time before carriers monetize through mobile advertising, the fact that cell phone users seem willing to receive these types of messages shows that the practice could very well succeed in the future.

"Spotify-type commercially funded phone bills are not something we are seeing yet, but the fact that almost half of consumers are welcoming the idea shows there is serious potential for the future," Brun said. 

If the trend catches on in the UK, there's no reason to believe it won't be just as successful in the United States or Canada. Businesses should be cognizant of this possibility and plan their marketing strategies accordingly. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools needed to orchestrate mobile marketing campaigns to capitalize on this increased interest.