Successful marketing campaigns are able to build loyal customers. If a campaign resonates with a group of individuals and they turn into customers, the company's next step should be to instill loyalty in order to build a formidable customer base.

This can be accomplished in a number of different ways, including SMS communication. Text message marketing campaigns shouldn't be exclusive to prospects. Using mobile marketing to further engage current customers can help build stronger relationships.

For example, suppose an individual buys something from a particular business. The relationship doesn't need to end there. Sending a text message asking the recipient to share their thoughts on the quality of service can go a long way towards solidifying that customer as a regular. Moreover, companies that engage current customers already have valuable data about them, namely their purchasing history.

If a consumer buys a particular product from a retailer and then a complementary item goes on sale, marketers at that retail company should be reaching out to the customer via SMS to let them know. This communication is effective because the recipient has already expressed interest in the subject of the message. 

However, just because this messaging will likely be well received, doesn't mean organizations shouldn't follow best practices in regards to mobile marketing engagement. Mobile marketing professional Jack Philbin spoke with CMS Wire about the importance of using engaging communication to drive action.

"If you're not driving action you shouldn't use mobile for the experience," Philbin said. "You should be delivering the perfect message – it may be aspirational but that should be what you're thinking about as a marketer."

If a company follows up with a one-time customer to encourage future business, it must do so effectively. Swift SMS Gateway offers companies the ability to orchestrate engaging messages for all customers.