As society becomes increasingly mobile, it is becoming crucial for local businesses to capitalize by adjusting their marketing strategies. Mobile users are not only using their devices to search for and interact with local businesses, they are doing so on the go.

Local business owners must be aware of two important facts: Consumers will walk past stores unless they have an incentive to walk inside and, while they do, they will likely be on their mobile phones. Go to any mall, shopping plaza or any other public place and count the number of people who check their cellphones at least once. The amount is staggering. Companies should be taking advantage of this fact.

Suppose an individual is walking down a strip mall checking his cell phone. He walks past retail store after retail store without entering because he sees no reason to go inside. However, targeted text message marketing campaigns that capitalize on location might cause him to change his shopping habits. If he were to receive a text alert informing him of a sale going on at one of the stores he walked by, he might decide its worth his time to check it out.

Because users take their devices with them everywhere, they are always ready to receive a text message. Some forms of marketing  – like television advertising – can't yield instant results because consumers won't be able to automatically react to an advertisement. If individuals are already out and shopping and receive a mobile marketing message, they will already be in position to take advantage.

Today's mobile devices have a tremendous number of innovative features. Text message marketers should consider these as valuable resources at their disposal. Geo-location technology and interactive media capabilities are only a few options that can enhance the value of an SMS marketing campaign. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools local businesses needed to launch an effective text message marketing initiative.