One of the key advantages of text message marketing is that it removes the uncomfortable feeling customers get when they think they are being pressured to buy something.

Sales pitches can be intense and have the potential to turn off consumers rather quickly. Oftentimes, instead of having a conversation with a salesman or marketing professional, they will only receive a multitude of reasons why they have to buy a product. These will be presented in a high-pressure format, which is typically ill-advised. It’s an uncomfortable situation for many people and is one of the primary reasons why those who end up walking away choose not to buy.

It is different with text messaging. SMS communication is casual. Individuals feel at ease while talking via text, whether the conversation is with their friends, family members or a sales professional.  An infographic constructed by sales software provider Leads 360 suggests that prospective customers are more comfortable communicating with businesses through text messaging than they are any other method. 

Research presented in the graphic states that SMS marketing messages are seven times more likely to be responded to than marketing emails. Moreover, leads that are nurtured with three or more text messages are 328 percent more likely to convert. Leads 360 found that most companies that are successful in their text message marketing efforts follow principles similar to those adhered to by couples during the early stages of a relationship. 

According to the study, 34 percent of individuals are more comfortable going on dates if they exchange text messages with their potential mate prior to going out. The concept can also apply to sales. Customers are more relaxed talking with a business if they have already received texts from it before speaking in person.

This shows why texting can be such an effective marketing tool. Companies that implement text message marketing can relax their prospects and drastically improve their chances of closing sales. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools needed to launch all forms of text message marketing initiatives.