As this blog has mentioned in the past, many colleges and universities are implementing SMS services into their operations. By sending text alerts in the event of an emergency, schools can go a long way toward preserving student and faculty safety. However, just because a student hasn’t arrived on campus yet, it doesn’t mean a school can’t stay in touch with them via text message.

At Eastern Illinois University (EIU), admission professionals are using a program to send text messages to prospective students. The purpose of this service is to market the university to individuals considering the university, as well as provide them with the information they need to know prior to applying. While the program is still in its infancy, officials anticipate that it will soon cover a number of additional functions, including sending text alerts to students, letting them know they have been accepted to EIU. 

Traditionally, this type of communication has taken place via standard mail. However, technology has allowed the university to evolve from out-dated processes. Patrick Early, the assistant vice president for integrative marketing and communications, spoke with the school newspaper, the Daily Eastern News, about the benefits of this service. 

“The portal has helped to streamline the whole application process,” Early said. “It [shows] everything that a prospective student needs to do in order to explore their choice.”

This shows that text message marketing can be diverse. Rather than just using the strategy to sell consumers on a particular brand or retailer, organizations like EIU  can send valuable information such as the steps of the application process or the frills of campus life, all via text message. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools needed to launch this kind of initiative.