Digital coupons carry a vast number of benefits. They are easy to use and access. Consumers that go digital don’t have to carry bulky bags to the grocery store and then dig through them to find the appropriate coupons once they get to the cash register. Finally, they are great for the environment because they don’t have to be printed on endless amounts of paper.

Because of these advantages, digital coupons are growing in popularity. According to a study conducted by emarketer, roughly 92.5 million people in the U.S. redeemed at least one in 2012. This number is projected to surpass 100 million users by 2014. These coupons can be received from a number of channels, such as email, and they can be found both directly through the retailer or on a third-party site. However, the most effective way to retrieve digital coupons may be through text messaging.

SMS couponing is growing slowly but surely as more people come to enjoy its benefits. Sending coupons via SMS helps the recipient because it’s typically easier to access content via the SMS application than it is through mobile email. Doing so also helps the organization sending the coupon because SMS messages are opened at a greater rate than any other form of communication. Therefore, there is a better chance that a customer will use a digital coupon sent via SMS than any other method.

Digital coupon growth remains slow and steady, but SMS coupon use is growing at an exceptional rate. While emarketer reveals that only 16.3 percent of mobile users redeemed a coupon they received via text message in 2012, that number is expected to jump to 25 percent in 2014. 

Companies that launch bulk text messaging campaigns can send coupons to more users in a quicker timeframe, increasing the efficiency of their strategies. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools needed to initiate any SMS couponing program.