Small-and-midsize-businesses (SMBs) must be exceptionally cautious before initiating any kind of innovative marketing strategy. Margins are incredibly small and any wrong move made by an SMB decision maker could have a disastrous effect on the company. However, there are plenty of facts that support the value of text message marketing in the SMB sphere. This blog has gone over a number of them.

Text messages are opened 98 percent of the time, making them by far the most viewed form of business-to-consumer communication. Moreover, according to research from SMS services provider Snap Giant, SMS couponing is 10 times more effective than traditional print coupons and at least 50 percent of text message marketing recipients purchased an item exclusively because they received a text.

Small businesses can capitalize on these facts because much of SMB marketing is simply getting people through the front door. Localized SMBs can offer geo-targeted marketing messages to garner greater interest in their brand and increase foot traffic.

Jason Keith, a blogger with, wrote a recent article explaining the advantages small businesses can enjoy by implementing a text message marketing service.

"This was another avenue once only cornered by large businesses with big budgets, but has since become accessible to local small businesses," Keith wrote. "The benefits are obvious in terms of reach and viewership. There is no 'spam' filter for text messaging, so it comes through regardless. And with most phones, a preview is shown right on the front screen, meaning if one looks at the phone the message is received. Links to deals, coupon codes and discounts can all be sent via text, with shortened links as well as branded messaging."

But while text messaging is effective, it must be done properly for a company to realize its potential. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools small businesses can use to successfully launch any kind of text message marketing campaign.