Text message marketing adoption may be slow in some parts of the country, but a number of major metropolitan areas are taking a leadership role and charging forward with the service.

Overall, mobile users in the United States are slowly but surely coming around to the idea of receiving text messages from their favorite businesses. In certain cities, many people are already enjoying the benefits of text message marketing campaigns, according to a new report.

The Semi-Annual Mobile Messaging Analytics Report, released earlier this month, found that recent text message marketing study indicates that 13 regional areas are leading the SMS marketing surge by containing the most opted-in commercial text message recipients.

Many are in or around major cities, including Orlando, Atlanta, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Houston and Las Vegas. However, some are relatively smaller areas such as Dayton, Ohio, Laredo, Texas and rural South Carolina. This shows diversity and that areas from all over the country can benefit from the mobile marketing service.

Text message marketing professional James Citron, who helped write the report, left a prepared statement indicating that as time goes on, more areas should join the aforementioned regions as big-time adopters.

"As the penetration of smartphones continues to climb, today's marketers have the opportunity to engage with their customers with technology that is now native to the end user," Citron said. "Text message marketing, mobile video and MMS – now supported by 97 percent of all U.S. mobile devices – are a perfect way to extend storytelling, as well as extending brand relationship to the devices consumers use the most – the mobile phone."

Although new communication devices continue to make their way into the market, the latest report indicates that texting is not going away anytime soon, and marketing via text message is only growing in practicality. Businesses would be wise to invest in a solution now and Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools needed to launch successful SMS marketing campaigns.