The Detroit public school system (DPS) is taking an innovative approach to improving communication with parents as well as better connecting staff and faculty to students. By launching a series of SMS services, the DPS will help ensure parents are informed in the event of an on-school emergency while using new technology to better present educational material.

The parental service is rolling out first, and is designed to send text message alerts informing parents and legal guardians of any emergency or important announcement. This can give parents the peace of mind in knowing they are connected to their children, even while their kids are in the classroom and they are at work.

DPS Chief Operating Officer Mark Schrupp spoke with CBS Detroit about the initiative, stating that those involved in the launch have big plans for the service.

"This new SMS text messaging service will enhance our extensive system of communicating and engaging with our parents and offer our schools and the district another important tool to notify our parents quickly in emergencies," Schrupp said. "We also expect that the system will augment communications regarding our classroom and attendance initiatives."

Texting can be a valuable communication device in an emergency because SMS messages are efficient. By launching this service, the DPS can send one message to all registered parents in a short amount of time. This saves a tremendous amount of time in certain situations, such as an emergency that requires the closing of school for the day. Instead of spending hours calling each individual parent to come pick their kids up, one message can reach the same goal.

Because of this, SMS services continue to grow in a number of different sectors across society. Swift SMS Gateway offers the tools organizations need to launch effective text message programs.