In an effort to capitalize on emerging technologies while providing better assistance to those in need, the United Way of Lake & Sumter Counties in central Florida is implementing SMS services.

Instead of having to call for help and wait on hold for support, those in need of assistance can simply text their zip code to the United Way and they will shortly receive a response from a localized professional. This is beneficial because it ensures that individuals will be serviced by someone local who is specialized to handle their specific issue and it limits the amount of time wasted on hold while the United Way searches for an appropriate professional.

United Way CEO Sue Cordova spoke with the Orlando Sentinel about the organization's efforts. She indicated that while some individuals may not always be in position to make a call or contact an organization via the internet, most people are able to send a quick text message.

"Oftentimes, residents find it difficult to place a call or access a system online, so sending a text message allows them to communicate in another way," Cordova said.

In emergency situations, the convenience gained by communicating via text message rather than traditional voice connection can make all the difference in the world. At the United Way, by allowing SMS messaging, the company can take the energy it would have spent conducting voice conversations and concentrate it on fixing actual problems.

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