Over the years, text message marketing has proven to be an effective strategy for reaching out to prospects. The accelerated growth of mobile phone usage and the sustained popularity of the SMS application have made text messaging an essential tactic used by marketing agencies. However, it is only productive if best practices are administered.

A recent article in the online publication Marketingweek suggests that the rise of the practice may be leading to an influx of rogue mobile marketers. Russell Parsons, the author of the article, suggests that unless companies take proper steps in acquiring the contact info of their current and potential customers, their messages may be considered spam. If a number of businesses act that way, the legitimacy of proper texts could be compromised.

"The problem, unless the powers that be get a handle on it, is that the avalanche of rogue texters is in danger of flattening perfectly legitimate use of the channel," Parsons writes. "The mobile is such a personal item that any brand encroaching into customers' space needs to make sure they have a reason to be there. If those that do not continue to outweigh those that do, then SMS cannot survive as a legitimate marketing tool."

That's why companies need to ensure that all proper measures are taken in every step of their text messaging efforts. This includes everything from obtaining customer information to message scheduling strategies to the content of every text message.

It's important for every business to understand the correct way to implement texting into their marketing efforts. Swift SMS Gateway provides the tools and the knowledge companies need to ensure that their messages are well received and support the positive reputation of their business.