Technological advancements have spurred a number of new communication methods. This includes everything from social media to video calls. However, a number of organizations such as Google understand the value of text messaging and are using SMS services to reach a large group of people.

According to an article in the Washington Post, the search giant is setting up shop in several African markets and is implementing an innovative new service that uses the simplicity of SMS messaging to conduct more advanced tasks.

In its time in countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya, Google executives realized that many smart potential business owners lacked the ability to connect to the internet, thus hindering their company's potential. Many individuals couldn't even get email, so Google came up with a solution for people to check email and respond via their SMS application.

Google's Nigeria marketing manager Affiong Osuchukwu told the Post that this is the company's way to build emerging markets and provide aspiring businessmen and women the resources to succeed.

"We don't want to just come in and start looking for how to generate profit," Osuchukwu said. "We consider [sub-Saharan Africa] to be an investment region. We know we have to invest resources and time to develop the market in order for the market to become valuable to us in a way that we can do business."

Google's vision shows just how powerful the SMS application can be. By using carrier services rather than Wi-Fi, individuals that lack smartphone capabilities and the internet to conduct business via a computer can still get text messages on their phone that allows them to operate efficiently. This is a big issue in emerging markets, so it would be a valuable tool to help companies with their global outreach initiatives. Swift SMS Gateway offers the solutions businesses need to make the most out of SMS services.