As mentioned in yesterday's blog, texting is becoming increasingly popular in Canada, as more citizens are adopting mobile devices and understanding the benefits of SMS communication. In addition to sending P2P messages and receiving marketing and promotional texts, Canadians are also using SMS messaging to receive alerts designed to promote safety in the community.

According to a press release from the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA), a service which allows users to receive AMBER alerts via SMS messaging is becoming increasingly adopted among Canadian citizens. While traditional mediums such as electronic road signs and the emergency broadcasting system are still used to make AMBER alerts, this service is believed to be more effective because it reaches a large number of people scattered in various areas.

The incredible growth of this service has been fueled by a number of factors, including massive participation from Canada's premier wireless carriers. Bernard Lord, CEO of the CWTA, used the release to express a tremendous amount of gratitude towards everyone who has registered for the service – a number that exceeded 25,000 last year.

"The wireless industry extends its sincere appreciation to the thousands of Canadians and our industry partners and ambassadors that have joined together to ensure that our most precious citizens can count on us when they need us most," Lord said. "I encourage all Canadians to invest the few short minutes it takes to register, because when a child is abducted, everyone feels the loss."

This is just another way that SMS messaging can make a significant positive impact on the community. Organizations that embrace this technology can make a difference by implementing bulk SMS messaging to a large group of people. Swift SMS Gateway provides the tools needed to launch SMS marketing or emergency alert campaigns.