The mobile explosion certainly isn't confined to one country. Increasing mobile adoption and the growth of SMS text messaging is widespread across the globe, including Canada.

According to a recent study conducted by Canadian consumer electronics provider Future Shop, roughly 76 percent of the country's residents own cell phones. This number is up from 74 percent in 2007, 59 percent in 2004 and only 22 percent in 1997. The transition to mobile has happened at such an extreme rate, it rivals that of the United States over a similar period of time.

"Attached to our hips and charged at all times, we can hardly go an hour without checking our wireless devices and fear the day we forget them at home," the report said.

Additionally, more Canadians are texting today than ever before. According to statistics posted on the site, 23 billion SMS messages were sent in the first quarter of 2012 by Canadians. This is well on pace to topple the mark set in 2011 of 78 billion, which had already shattered the previous high of 56.4 billion texts sent in 2010. This year, March was a particularly busy month, as an average of 254 million text messages were sent by Canadian users each day.

The astounding growth in Canada opens up a number of new opportunities for marketers sending SMS marketing messages. The United States contains a tremendous amount of prospects and customers who rely on mobile communication, but efforts cannot be constrained to one general area.

Of course, marketers must be cognizant of various factors when sending international text messages, including rates and regulations. It is important to talk to an SMS marketing firm before embarking on such a project. Swift SMS Gateway provides the tools required to conduct effective text marketing campaigns as well as the knowledge and resources needed to expand across national borders.