Even as smartphones grow in popularity, users are becoming increasingly frustrated with a number of their standard features. The ability to make and receive calls is why mobile phones were created. Data usage is a staple of all smartphones. However, each have shortcomings that have evoked negative responses from users.

According to a survey from Pew Research, 35 percent of smartphone owners have experienced problems regarding dropped calls and weak voice connections on a weekly basis. Additionally, 49 percent say that they run into issues concerning slow data speeds. These were the two biggest complaints respondents had with their phones, and only further illustrates the value of text messaging services.

Marketers reaching out to prospects or customers via phone calls may find themselves unsuccessful if recipients continue to experience dropped calls. Sending emails or messages through various data-based applications may not be the best method if users are finding it difficult to load the sent information on their phones.

Jan Boyles, the Pew researcher who developed the report, said that users' frustrations have escalated because they have now come to expect instant information without hassle.

"As mobile owners become fond of just-in-time access to others and as their expectations about getting real-time information rise, they depend on the cell phone's technical reliability," Boyles said. "Any problems that snag, stall, or stop users from connecting to the material and people they seek is at least a hassle to them and sometimes is even more disturbing than that in this networked world."

With these issues continuing to crop up among smartphone owners, it's no wonder why SMS remains the most popular application on all mobile phones. Businesses can feel confident launching text message marketing campaigns because there is a far greater chance these messages will be received. Swift SMS Gateway provides the tools marketers need to send messages via SMS.