The evolution of technology has changed the way people communicate. As such, traditional communication policies associated with various practices have adjusted to comply with modern standards. One such effect has taken place in the NCAA, where collegiate recruiting regulations have changed to accept modern communication methods such as SMS messaging.

In the past, regulations existed to prevent coaches from reaching out to recruits via text message. In fact, engaging in such recruiting methods carried major consequences, and NCAA athletic programs suffered severe penalties for doing so. However, officials with the NCAA have since laxed their position, stating that it is time for coaches to take advantage of modern technological resources.

In June, the NCAA officially deregulated text messaging as a recruitment tool in some sports including basketball, and now coaches and assistants can send unlimited texts to high schoolers after their sophomore year.

Tyus Jones, a star basketball prospect at Apple Valley High School in Minnesota, spoke with ESPN about the rule changes and agreed that it's a smart step towards the future of recruiting.

"I think a text message is probably easier just because kids, we're always on our phones and always texting," Jones said. "If they just text us real quick, it takes two seconds to text back. I know me personally, if you send out a lot of letters, it takes some time to open all those up. Sometimes talking on the phone takes a long time."

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