This blog has talked a lot about the advantages of using SMS services to conduct business and send marketing messages. SMS can also keep individuals safe, as many users can receive messages quickly and efficiently in the event of danger.

Police in Louisville, Kentucky, are now sending and receiving messages to and from residents via text and email to keep the people notified in the event of an emergency or to inform them of any suspicious criminal activity.

Regency Woods is one one of the neighborhoods in the area. Typically a quiet neighborhood, there has been an increase in car break-ins, according to a news report on To combat the rise in crime, a system has been implemented that allows residents to text or email the police, who can in turn send out a mass alert to a number of citizens.

Sgt. Clayton Elliott with the Metro Police Department's 6th Division told the news source that while the system has been used as a way to prevent crime, residents can also report any crimes that happen to occur, which allows the department to alert the public of an incident.

"We notify them on burglaries, thefts from autos, thefts, robberies," Elliot said. "If one of the neighbors happened to have seen that individual they can give information to the detectives."

While the system allows for both SMS and email communication, the nature of the two applications makes sending these messages via text a better solution. Even though most smartphones have email, it is much easier to take out a phone and send and receive an SMS message than it is to do so via email.

Any organizations and communities looking to improve the communication between safety officials and citizens should consider implementing an emergency text service. Swift SMS Gateway can provide the tools needed to create a service designed to reduce crime and improve the safety of a community.