The rise in mobile usage and the fact that the SMS app remains the most popular application on smartphones means that more businesses are turning to text message marketing. However, those in the field can't simply dive into text messaging without formulating a proper strategy. The online publication Business2Community released a list of tips for effective SMS marketing.

The number one tip is one that this blog happens to agree with: Relevancy and timing are crucial. SMS recipients are more likely to act upon the messaging they receive if they are prompted to do so right away. The longer a recipient waits to act or respond to a certain message, the less likely they are to do so.

For example, a business hosting an event could send promotional messages to the phones of all the attendees. Perhaps there is an incentive to buy a product at the function sold by the host. Naturally, it would be best to send this information during the event so the recipients can capitalize on it. Sending a message with relevant information and a call to action will only be effective if it is sent at the appropriate time.

The blog also mentions that it's important to be conversational with the recipient. Users don't get excited by generic canned text. Messages should be engaging and should prompt some form of response from the customer receiving the message.

"Having a conversation with customers via sms is probably easier than you think too," says the article.

Implementing the right tools for SMS marketing can allow professionals to store any responses into a database and analyze them for business purposes. These tools can also allow businesses to schedule messages so they are sent at a relevant time. Swift SMS Gateway provides the tools marketers need to follow these helpful tips.