The Application-to-Person (A2P) shift from short code to 10DLC (ten digit long code) has made leaps and bounds in the way that businesses communicate with their stakeholders. It has provided a stable option for SMS marketing and business texting, whilst also creating a platform that can be easily monitored by mobile carriers.

But first, what is A2P messaging and how has 10DLC made a difference?

A2P text messaging is the process of sending a text via application to an individual or wider group of people. In most cases, applications are utilized by businesses with the intention of reaching their audience for promotional, transactional or security-based factors.

Previously, businesses used US long codes for text messaging as it was the only option for SMS marketing strategy. This was hard to maintain as long codes were designed for P2P (Person-to-Person) use. Each carrier had difficulty with security maintenance leading to regular text blockage. Also, with low-volume throughput at one message per second, it made high volume messaging, such as mass text messages, strenuous to send out.

A2P messaging is specifically designed for business use with increased throughput leading to greater success in delivery. Better policing options meant that audiences could be protected from spam messaging. Companies could now automate their business text messages for purposes such as two factor authentication and meeting reminders.

10DLC functions as a phone number for businesses. By creating long-code phone numbers, it has given companies their own unique contact number as opposed to regularly shared short code. 10DLC allows businesses to ditch bygone short code methods for better customer engagement and higher success in delivery.

How A2P 10DLC Messaging Works

In practice, 10DLC is perfect for consumer security benefits and promotional marketing — when done right. When it comes to security benefits, A2P 10DLC offers a stable SMS two factor authentication method for consumers by providing them with a one-time password (OTP) to verify their purchase or account identity. Customers respond highly to these 10DLC messages as it’s a result of a direct request, and it promotes safe practices within your company.

A2P 10DLC is great for reaching out to customers and alerting them of upcoming offers in your business, but certain practices have to be avoided to make the most of your text message campaign. Avoid using all caps in your message formatting and include opt-out options in your text broadcast. Although throttling risks are greatly decreased with 10DLC, SMS standards are much more accessible for carriers to maintain and spam-like messages will be automatically throttled by your carrier. Ensure your promotional marketing campaigns have been sensibly strategized to avoid carrier blockages or reports of spam.

A more successful method of promotional texting is through use of promo codes. By providing a unique discount code specific to SMS marketing, it will give your audience an incentive to keep your company in contact. With text message marketing, it’s what you have to offer that really counts.

Making A2P Work For Your Brand

When considering an A2P campaign, you have to make sure the criteria is right for you. If your company relies heavily on high-volume messaging, ensure you have the appropriate level of throughput to support your communication. For this, you should reach out to an established A2P provider for support.

A2P providers are the middleman for you and mobile network operators, setting up SMS campaigns that deliver to your audience. At Swift SMS Gateway, we offer direct support for those who wish to take their SMS methods a step further. Not only can we get you started with A2P text broadcasting, we offer advice as to what the best practice is for your brand. You can sign up for a free demo here. 

Here are some reasons A2P 10DLC may be the perfect solution for your business.

Unique to You

10DLC provides a unique code for your business. Unlike shared short codes, you have an individual phone number, reducing the risk of blockage due to the unwarranted actions of another company. It also gives your customers the opportunity to communicate directly with your business over text, leading to higher engagement and improved brand image.

Flexibility and Reliability

When it comes to the variety of ways that A2P SMS can be used, 10DLC offers flexibility as its services are suitable for nearly every option available. As mentioned previously, A2P 10DLC proves to be reliable as it’s specifically catered to business use. This means the chances of your text messages getting blocked or throttled are incredibly low, so you can deliver more.

Cost Efficiency

10DLC is a low cost solution for your business. With older dedicated short code options biting a chunk out of your budget, 10DLC offers much cheaper setup costs. Monthly costs remain low and can reduce spending for SMS marketing.

Quick, Easy and Secure

A2P 10DLC is a secure method for your brand and carrier with higher regulation standards than previous short code routines. With sufficient levels of throughput, sending text messages on a mass level can take less than a minute.

There are many pros to A2P 10DLC, but there are also things to look out for, such as legislation and regulation requirements.

Campaign Registry

All organizations getting started with 10DLC must begin a file with The Campaign Registry to set up. The brand registration process must be completed before sending out any SMS message communications, otherwise you can face unregistered fees and higher rates of filtering. It’s expected that unregistered messaging will not be supported by carriers at all, so completing campaign registration as soon as possible is best practice for text broadcasting. This process shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes.

Pricing and Fees

There are two types of fees to make note of: registration fees and mobile carrier fees.

Registration fees are applied once the Campaign Registry confirms your A2P registration. Carrier fees are what carriers require as part of their network messaging service. There are certain variables that lead to differentiation in cost, such as standard A2P or low volume A2P.

With support from Swift SMS Gateway, we can discuss what route is best for your business and how to drive better engagement, communication and sales. Reach out to us and find what’s right for you.