Many clients come to Swift SMS Gateway because they are frustrated with our competitors. They have been delayed vetting US 10DLC approvals through the Campaign Registry. Swift SMS Gateway is a Campaign Service Provider (CSP) of choice. Swift has helped thousands of clients with proper vetting and direct integration into the Campaign Registry. Swift reduces the needless recycling of administration and submission errors that result in costly delays to US text messaging campaigns.

Frustration is at an all-time high over submissions being rejected and delayed.  Carrier vetting can take months with our competitors.

Swift SMS Gateway has invested in direct integration with the Campaign Registry. Swift is noted right on the alphabetical list of participating CSP’s, but we have also been involved with the Campaign Registry since inception participating in its development.  Swift SMS Gateway has a deep understanding of the regulatory requirements.  Swift has integrated these directly into our platform as your Campaign Service Provider to provide seamless submission of your US text messaging campaigns to the Campaign Registry.

Why Do I Need US 10DLC Campaign Registration?

If you send text message campaigns on 10DLC in the US without approval from the Campaign Registry, your traffic will be blocked. Unregistered traffic in the US is viewed as SPAM. Continued abusers can be subject to serious fines from carriers. All three major US Mobile Network Operators; AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile (MNO’s) are enforcing it, so all the sub-operators that run on their networks are subject to it.  Do not ignore this.  

No legitimate aggregator, or messaging platform service provider will give access to the US market without registration.

The three objectives of registration are as follows:

  1. Know exact detail on the business/institution that is sending commercial messaging.
  2. Provide the nature and purpose of the campaign with written content examples
  3. Demonstrate a legitimate opt-in/opt-out process that protects recipients from abusive text messaging.

Choosing the Right Campaign Service Provider

Swift SMS Gateway knows that enforcement of 10DLC registration is pointless without investment in the creation of a proper administration system. Swift SMS Gateway has invested years in the develop of a superior platform, so we can provide the proper vetting and automation necessary to capture and collect the right information needed to lead to a quick approval the first time. Swift’s sales administration team has a deep understanding of regulatory requirements and will answer your questions to make your text messaging campaigns successful.

Learn more about Swift SMS Gateway’s 10DLC services here.