According to a 2020 survey from industry organization CTIA, there were 2.1 trillion text messages exchanged in the U.S. throughout 2019. Not every Short Message Service (SMS) text sent during the year was written out by an individual person tapping on their phone and pressing send, though.

There are many different use cases for automated text messaging, each of which provides numerous benefits compared to other forms of communication. After all, text messages tend to have high open rates, and because individuals check their cell phones frequently, they're likely to receive an SMS quickly.

Because of these features, automated text messages are a popular and cost-effective method of delivery for several different kinds of communication.

Automated Text Messages: Popular Uses

As an important note, it's essential to follow opt-in best practices and legal requirements for privacy rules as well as opt-out options. In accordance with these regulations and guidelines, there are many different popular uses for automated text messaging.

One-Time Passcode (OTP) Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a popular method for adding a layer of security to various online accounts. Essentially, in addition to entering a username and password, especially if you're logging in from a new device, you'll be asked to use an additional factor to authenticate your identity. This will make it more difficult for illegitimate users to access an account using stolen credentials.

A time-sensitive one-time passcode (OTP) delivered by SMS is one of the most popular methods for instituting 2FA. For just one of our clients, Swift SMS Gateway has served more than 200 million authentication codes.

Appointment Reminders And Confirmations

It's important for service providers to ensure that their customers, clients and patients adhere to scheduled appointments. When individuals don't show, or they arrive late, the service provider is put in a difficult situation. The business may have to sit idle, missing out on revenue opportunities during the scheduled time period, or if their clients arrive late, it could affect delivery for other appointments, negatively impacting customer satisfaction for those who still showed up on time.

Still, if administrative workers have to call up appointment holders individually, it takes away from the staff's ability to operate efficiently and productively with other tasks. Automated calls may go straight to voicemail without ever being heard.

Text messages, particularly when automated, can be a great option for confirming appointment times and distributing reminders to customers on the day of service.

Test Results And Medical Reminders

For medical-related messages, it's important to be particularly mindful of patient privacy concerns and pertinent regulations.

Still, the benefits can be immense, as State Health Commissioner M. Norman Oliver pointed out in a press release from the Virginia Department of Health about using SMS to deliver positive test results for COVID-19 patients.

"Using tools like automated text messages provide additional options to help Virginia expand its existing operations without compromising user privacy or security," said Oliver, according to the press release.

Other public health agencies have also leveraged SMS for similar purposes, as well as for sharing notifications related to potential exposure to the virus and other reminders associated with health outcomes

Marketing Nurture Campaigns

For those who have elected to receive communications from your business, automated text messages represent a distinct opportunity. In particular, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) delivery allows you to share well-crafted images, helping you employ text-based nurture campaigns as well as rolling out promotions and reengagement initiatives.

Donation Solicitations

Sometimes, timing is everything. For those instances when fundraising requires an in-the-moment outreach to potential donors, automated text messages — with a well-crafted appeal and a clear, succinct, easy-to-execute call to action — can help drive results.

How To Send Automated Text Messages

Sending automated text messages may be accomplished through a few different techniques. Individual use cases like 2FA integration may require a different approach than the flexibility needed for scheduling conceptual messages like those used in marketing campaigns and donation drives. These sophisticated scenarios may require the use of an application programming interface (API) to serve as an SMS gateway and facilitate custom messages and scheduling. Think about which automated text messaging initiatives might work best for your organization to decide how to proceed. A Swift SMS Gateway representative can help you with the process.

Leverage Automated Text Messaging To Advance Your Business Goals

Automated text messaging combines the high open rates and timeliness of SMS communication with the ease of execution associated with email outreach. Depending on what your organization does — whether you're a health care provider, a hairstylist, a retailer, a restaurant or a nonprofit — there are a variety of different potential use cases for automated text messaging. Reach out to Swift SMS Gateway today to find out how we can help you discover the best tools for your objectives.