Before the World Health Organization’s announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic, Swift SMS Gateway’s team met on March 8th. It was apparent to us text messaging was going to play a part in responding in the face of this mounting crisis and particularly its effect on community health services, institutions and possibly even lives.

Swift’s strategic location outside of Metro Toronto has proved once again to be an advantage: Barrie, Ontario reports 1 infection as of the time of this posting.

The Swift SMS Gateway Team Are Here To Help

Whether it’s meeting messaging needs, or finding a way to audition our system quickly during this crisis, we encourage you to call 1-800-264-7141 and tell us your exact requirements, giving an example of the message you require to your audience, and the capacity that you need. Swift’s team is trained to qualify your access on our platform securely.

Maintaining a High Level of SMS API Access

Swift SMS Gateway already has in place business continuity plans with facilities-based infrastructure providing the highest level of access available with geographic redundancy and archive in place to provide superior reach and maintain data sovereignty even in these most challenging times.

Providing Expert A2P Message Integration Advice

While SMS itself is simple with a small payload on a single message, tailoring the right message channel for your needs is tricky. Do not assume you know what channel your messaging is suited for. Speak to a Swift SMS Gateway team member. As the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, we remain committed to keeping you informed and receiving the best performance as always on text messaging.

The COVID-19 Pandemic will have no impact on Swift’s message performance.

Protecting Our Team and Yours

Privately held and well capitalized, Swift SMS Gateway has been unscathed by the financial meltdown, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on the stock market. Moreover, our team is healthy, with health benefits supplied to all our staff and their families should they need it. Our team is fully equipped to work anywhere. In fact; they already do, as we provide a flexible work environment. On our meeting of March 8th, Swift’s executive reminded staff to follow flex days and self-isolation should they have any symptom of ill health. As Swift production offices are located 100 km outside of the Toronto downtown core, strategically located at a 5 minute walking distance from level 4 data centre facilities, this has always been a great advantage to Swift too.

We Added One More Firm Enforcement; Swift SMS Gateway’s Production Offices have the doors locked at all times, with a no visitor’s policy. It just makes sense.

Everyone has quickly realized that this is touching all aspects of our lives – personal and professional. Among our clients, with Swift SMS Gateway servicing health authorities, doctor’s offices, School Boards, and Financial Services these verticals are now feeling the demands the hardest, as everyone would suspect it may. If you have any questions concerning text messaging and its part in responding to the crisis of the COVID-19 Pandemic, please feel free to reach out to a Swift SMS Gateway team member.