A toll-free number is an essential business tool. The ability to add SMS functionality to your toll-free number is game-changing, because it creates a more seamless experience for customers. Conversations can move smoothly between text and voice. Toll-free messaging can also support field worker needs, such as the ability to notify customers when a technician is on the way.

With toll-free SMS, your organization can reduce its dependence on outdated and slow communication channels like paper forms and long email chains. Get more done in an efficient manner with an SMS-enabled toll-free number.

Toll-Free SMS is Perfect for Application-to-Person Messaging

Toll-free SMS is an ideal A2P messaging solution because it can give your organization the scale and volume you need with functionality such as the ability to seamlessly switch between voice and text conversations on the same number.

Let's say you're developing an app that requires messaging capabilities. If you choose to implement five-digit shortcodes, you could end up waiting for months while the resources are provisioned. And if you want a vanity number, the process can take even longer and you'll likely pay thousands of dollars. Alternatively, you can use your existing toll-free number – or requisition a new one – and start sending messages almost instantly.

Customers expect businesses to have toll-free numbers, but the majority of customers also prefer texting to voice communication, according to ZDNet. The only way to reconcile these two realities is to add SMS functionality to your toll-free number.

The same logic applies to organizations that leverage SMS to communicate with workers in the field. Rather than relying on spreadsheets and emails to confirm schedules, send notifications and perform tasks, use toll-free SMS to speed up processes. Why wait for your field technicians to refresh their email inbox and follow a link when you can send them an automated text message instead?

Toll-free SMS can reduce your organization's reliance on paper forms and email.Toll-free SMS can reduce your organization's reliance on paper forms and email.

Toll-Free SMS is Easy to Implement

In addition to looking professional, toll-free SMS is easy to implement. If you already have a toll-free number, your customers can begin texting you almost immediately. This method is highly intuitive, because customers are already familiar with the ability to text and call the same phone number. In other words, customers won't need to remember one number for calls and another for texts.

Toll-free SMS is easy to implement and lends legitimacy to your interactions with customers. Likewise, it can be a much more efficient channel to reach workers in the field, compared with shortcodes. Swift SMS Gateway offers this beneficial service as an add-on to our API 2 and API 3 plans, as well as to our small business service clients.

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