Many developers tasked to integrate text messaging into business platforms are using Node.js; an open source, cross-platform environment written in JavaScript. Compared to Ruby, Python and PHP, the speed and performance quality of Node.js makes it an ideal web framework for connecting text messaging into your business with SMS API.

Here are three compelling reasons to learn more about Node.js:

1. High Performance for Web Environments

Since its introduction in 2009, the Node.js framework has become an increasingly popular solution. According to AltexSoft, technology leaders such as Netflix, Uber and eBay have employed the technology with great success. One of the reasons for its widespread use is that Node.js provides high-quality results with great speed.

Node.js utilizes a nonblocking I/O model, which permits processing to continue during transmission. According to the Node.js Foundation, almost no functions in Node.js directly perform I/O, so there’s little risk of dead-locking processes.

This functionality makes the technology perfect for real-time applications. For example, nearForm reported that Fastify, an HTTP framework built with Node.js, was able to process over 1.5 times the number of requests per second, compared to more established frameworks.

The speed and reliability of Node.js makes it ideal for a number of use cases, from app development to internet of things solutions. Nearly any data-intensive application that has to perform in varied environments would benefit from the Node.js framework.

phone with gearsNode.js is fast, efficient and easy to use.

2. Use of JavaScript For All Layers

Node.js is so fast because it uses JavaScript at all layers. By leveraging a single language, speed increases because there’s no conversion necessary. In essence, Node.js is perfect for server-side web applications with client and server channels because there’s so little lag time.

The ubiquity of JavaScript should make Node.js attractive to many SMS API developers wanting to connect text messaging into business applications, as there’s almost no new language to learn. Plus, the platform runs almost instantly, with little configuration necessary.

Compared to other methods, Node.js makes it easy to create a push notification server that plays nicely with Android and iOS devices. Configuration is minimal, typically requiring only a single command line to get the server up and running. This ability to get started almost immediately makes Node.js a great candidate for developers who are eager to get their projects off the ground as soon as possible.

3. Appropriate Architecture For Real-Time Text SMS API Apps

Node.js can do just about anything PHP or Ruby on Rails can do, but all with JavaScript. Developers creating real-time applications may want to consider Node.js in lieu of these other languages simply because it is designed from the ground up to handle persistent connections. To do the same thing in Ruby or Python, addition tools such as EventMachine and Twisted are required. With Node.js, an application can perform long-polling without creating an immense serverload. This functionality allows the app to update users in real time – no separate threads required.

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