It's a great time to be an app developer. Coding lessons, open source tools and new innovations make it easy for you to get started and improves your opportunities. What's more, there are more developer-friendly additions out there slated to appear in the near future on accessible platforms: Venture Beat reported on the updated features for the Google Play Developer Console in the works. These may include analysis, reporting and statistics tools for a closer look at the actual impact of your work.

A lot of these potential features hinge on the importance of gathering data to make decisions. The emphasis on modularity makes a responsive company valuable to consumers, who are becoming increasingly used to having everything they need on the go.

"Text validation routines are a great way to improve your new app's subscription process."

Nothing starts this relationship well like a simple, personal subscription process. Your users will want to feel like things are under control and seamless, powered by the strength of cloud computing. And the app download, especially for a "freemium" product, can plant the seeds that eventually get interested app users to subscribe or otherwise purchase more features.

Seeing the initial download as the first part of an ongoing effort is important. Crucially, getting a person to subscribe should be an incentive to work on retention, not an endpoint. There are always aspects of your app you can fine-tune, and taking the time to do so may be the key to reaching high customer ratings.

Integrating your subscription routines with a simple authentication routine using SMS provides a simple validation process. An SMS API sets up a clear way to confirm subscriptions after someone is ready to make that commitment to your app or service. Make sure you connect your SMS API to a reputable SMS Gateway that provides superior reach and performance.

Text validation routines are a great way to improve your new app's subscription process."