Many car owners might not realize they need to maintain their vehicles. Some tasks don't have to get done very often, but it can still be useful to know when the next oil change, tire rotation, or tune-up should be.

This April was a perfect time to realize that, since it was National Car Care Month. Even though it's behind us now, it sets a good example to follow for the rest of the year. This is only the first of two Car Care Months throughout the year, with the second scheduled for October.

In its press release regarding April's celebration, the Car Care Council specifically encouraged owners to follow them on social media for information. Car Care Council National Director Rich White even mentioned it as part of the motivation. The organization encouraged businesses to hold Free Car Care events throughout the month and hang banners advertising it.

"You can't reach owners successfully without accurate information about them."

"With more and more motorists turning to cell phones, mobile devices and the Internet for auto care information, we've made it easier than ever to learn about vehicle service and repair by simply following the Car Care Council online," he said.

Some often overlooked services can include changing vehicle fluids, or getting overused parts replaced entirely. As a dealer, you can't reach owners successfully if you don't have accurate information about their status. When was their last appointment? Is their vehicle under recall? How long have they been driving it?

However, one of the biggest challenges for dealerships is reaching customers. It’s not surprising that text messaging is making this challenge easier than ever. With an SMS API connected into the right SMS Gateway you can connect your Dealer Management System easily to reach your customers with text messaging to improve your customer service. You could better connect with your customer if you keep track of their information and follow up at the right time.