When someone checks into your hotel, what are they looking forward to the most? The answer depends on the person, but whatever it is, it's your chance to make that experience go as well as possible. By connecting to  a SMS API messaging system, you'll be able to impact guests' interactions even when they aren't physically at your hotel. This has become possible with the latest advances in texting.

This was one of the big hospitality trends Skift predicted at the beginning of the year, and it's something that has had an impact. In its Jan. 3 article, the site specifically said that scheduled activities could add on to whatever the company has to offer on-site. Skift also used the word "holistic," which could mean you must be more flexible in how you handle incoming guests through soft check-in processes.

"Give guests updates about any one-of-a-kind offers they might want to know about."

If you have more information on what your guests are looking forward to, you can try to set this experience up before they arrive. For example: Is your restaurant the big draw? Then you can spotlight it beforehand or prompt guests to book through you.

Daily specials and other important deals are a perfect fit for messaging. To build loyalty, give guests updates about any one-of-a-kind offers they might want to know about, especially if it saves them money. You can try more than one of these efforts, to see what the response is, and then use it to see what your biggest focus area should be.

After your patrons leave, they'll probably think of the entire time they've spent with you, not just one single thing. That's why starting early will set things off right and ensure they want to come back. Connecting your property management software to text messaging with an SMS API improves guest services at the front desk, in reservations, event planning, and check-out and check-in.