If your provider can’t offer affordable great support, then their service isn’t great or affordable. When you consider how important SMS is to your business needs, you may want to take this simple statement seriously.

SMS is fast becoming the cheapest most effective way for business to connect to mobile and people everywhere. Be it customers, distribution, or supply chain logistics, SMS is the simple bridge connecting it all in real-time. But what happens when development is delayed or something goes wrong? If SMS performance impacts your business, then clearly “best-effort” support is not enough.

"How Can Swift SMS Gateway Offer Such Great Support So Reasonably?"

Everyone Raves About Swift’s Support
We are often asked how we can offer such affordable support to our clients. The answer goes beyond saying we offer great service. The deeper answer is we are picky about who we choose to service. When suspected clients sign-in to Swift SMS Gateway, we mediate their entrance into our network. This follows a staged approach that secures the operational layer of our business, network and protects our trusted clients from fraudulent users and hackers.

Better Support Makes a Difference When You Need It
Swift SMS Gateway has scalable support: Standard for $0, Professional for $100/mth and Enterprise for $500. This is in combination with SLA (Service Level Agreements) and MTTR (Mean Time To Respond) metrics that guarantee performance for your business grade services. Our philosophy extends to the idea that better support means approachable support people. Sometimes it helps to bounce an idea off another IT person – One that knows SMS. At Swift SMS, you are talking to an IT person who knows SMS inside out. Our team’s sole goal is to help you connect SMS into your business and do it meeting your specs simply and efficiently.