Recruiting happens at breakneck speed. Companies that need to quickly fill positions contact recruiting firms for assistance. These firms scroll through their massive databases or frantically search online for viable candidates. They then try to contact these professionals to see if they're interested in the job opening. This process takes time and doesn't even include contract signings, which can often take days or weeks.

Recruiters need to find ways to not only increase their chances of finding the best candidates but also improve process efficiency and quickness. SMS text messages can be perfect for this purpose.

More and more job seekers are turning to mobile technology to network with recruiters and find jobs, and these professionals need to understand how text messaging can help them in their recruiting efforts.

1. They appear more professional
In a survey conducted by Software Advice, a combined 43 percent of job seekers say recruiters who text appear to be more professional than those who don't. Even a small detail such as this can be the difference between a job seeker saying "yes" or "no" to a new position. 

2. Quick communication
Many job seekers don't respond to unfamiliar phone numbers, but they will open text messages from companies they've opted to receive messages from. Recruiters can cut down response time by quickly alerting a host of qualified candidates about job openings.

3. Reduce phone tag
How many times do recruiters and candidates go back and forth trying to connect with each other over the phone? Too many. Recruiters don't need to have lengthy conversations with candidates about job openings. Often people just want to be quickly alerted about an opening and know where to go for more information.

If you'd like to set up SMS services for your recruiting firm, contact a third party.