SMS marketing software is the perfect way to connect with customers in unique ways and keep them engaged. In the first part of our two-part series, we said that you can use SMS mobile marketing to measure customer loyalty and test out marketing ideas. Here are two other cool ways you can use SMS marketing:

1. Start a marketing campaign

Mobile marketing text messages don't have to be one and done. Instead, you can link multiple messages together over a period of time to create a catchy marketing campaign. Taking your customers on a journey from the first to last message can build brand loyalty and also increase excitement about a product or service.

For example, say you're about to introduce a new service to your landscaping business, such as snow plowing. As winter nears, you could blast out a few different messages that introduce the new service. At first, you could just mention that your company will be adding plowing to its service line. The message's CTA might say state something like, "If you're interested in this service, respond with "service reply YES." You can then create a separate list to target these customers with messages about plowing service deals and details.

2. Reward and thank customers

Take the time to reward and thank your customers for their business with SMS messages. One way you can reward them is with contests. For example, let's say you have a software company and are planning on releasing a new program soon. You could text your customers and notify them that a select few will receive the software for free if they respond. Another way to reward customers is to simply thank them at the end of the year with a short message void of any sales pitch.