Compared to large companies, small businesses often have very restricted marketing budgets. This forces them to get extra creative with their advertising and decreases the amount of room they have to make (and recover from) mistakes. Each advertisement or campaign has to succeed at some level to bring in new business or at least help the company break even.

In the first part of our series we reasoned that SMS marketing software was a perfect tool for small businesses because it's cost-effective and imaginative. In the final part, we'll explore a couple of other reasons mobile business marketing is the right choice for these companies.

1. It's timely 

All ads can be timely, but SMS marketing is more so. Here's why: Businesses can change their message in an instant. They don't have to call a local newspaper to switch around their ad's message – a process that can take well over a week depending on the paper's turn around time. By the time this ad copy is switched, the theme of the message may no longer be relevant to their consumers. This, as you can see, also wastes company money.

"All ads can be timely, but SMS marketing is more so."

Small businesses can create a flexible SMS marketing campaign that includes messages delivered at set times and content that is sprinkled at random, but still relevant times, throughout the month.

2. It's respectful

How many times have you heard the words "respect" and "advertising" in the same sentence? Probably not many. That's because the two have been notoriously polar opposites ever since advertising became a thing many ages ago. Most see advertising as pushy and annoying. SMS marketing, on the other hand, respects a person's privacy and time because they have to opt-in to the campaign and the messages are also short and to the point.