Mobile text marketing is a perfect advertising tool for every industry. In the first part of our two-part series, we explore four industries.

1. Restaurants
Restaurants rely on returning visitors to stay in business. They need referrals like customers need water or drinks to wash down their delicious meals. And there's no better way to keep in contact with customers than through mobile marketing services. Restaurants can use text messages to blast out deals or promote events. They can also provide customers with incentives to refer their businesses. For example, if customers "like" their social media pages, they could have a chance to win a 20 percent off coupon during their next dinner.

2. Landscaping
There may be no industry better suited to take advantage of SMS services than the lawn care and landscaping sector. In using mobile text marketing, companies can suggest that clients opt into occasional text messages if they want to stay up-to-date about shifting weather patterns or receive updates on common weeds and diseases. Of course, to keep messages concise, they would ask readers to visit the company's blog or social media pages for more information.

3. Healthcare
Healthcare officials, such as doctors, can use mobile text messages to inform patients about upcoming appointments or provide important information about their prescription medicines. Pharmacies can also use messages to let patients know their prescription medicine is ready to be picked up. While these aren't traditional marketing techniques, per say, they accomplish two goals: improve customer service and public relations.

4. Churches
Churches aren't industries, but they're important enough to include anyway. After all, like the other business-types listed, they're in a prime position to use these text marketing strategies. Churches are always running programs for their members, so text messaging is the perfect way to remind them about upcoming events. Some of these events include masses, service projects and guest speakers.