If you're trying to find new ways to reach your target audience, SMS marketing software is the perfect way to do so. In fact, even more so than email.

"100 percent of targeted people will receive the SMS."

Think about this: According to Silverpop's 2015 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study, the overall average email click-through-rate for 750 companies worldwide was a mere 3.2 percent. The industry with the highest click-through-rate was computer hardware and telecommunications, but that rate failed to top even 6 percent. On the other hand, according to Funmobility's 2015 Marketer's Guide to Mobile Engagement, 100 percent of targeted people will receive the SMS, 97 percent will open it and 33 percent will click on the link. Compared to emails, which usually end up in the spam folder or deleted, that's incredible.

If these stats haven't convinced you to switch from email to SMS marketing, consider this. According to Funmobility, not only do 97 percent of recipients open the text messages, but they do so within three minutes of those messages being delivered. This kind of statistic is extremely important for companies who are delivering a time-sensitive promotion. I mean, it doesn't make sense to blast out an email about your company's 72 hour or even week-long promotion only to have 97 percent of those emails sitting in some spam or categories folder in Gmail.

There are, of course, two ways to email market. You can basically spam a purchased list of potential consumers (emphasis on "potential."). Or you could create your own dedicated list of readers who opt into your email campaign. But still, this doesn't compete with SMS marketing. This type of permission based marketing relies on customers or interested parties to text a word or phrase to a five or six digit number, like a short telephone number, to the business. In turn, these customers can receive everything from updates to promotions.

To run a successful marketing campaign, you need to know where your target audience is. And that's on their phones.