Nearly all consumers today carry a cell phone. However, many consumers' exposure to SMS marketing is limited to receiving occasional messages from their cell phone provider or a few of their favorite retailers. This represents a massive disconnect between the industries that could benefit from mobile text marketing and those that understand and take advantage of its true potential.

Here are five industries that have room to grow their mobile marketing strategies, and a few ways they could use bulk SMS to connect with their customers:

  • Real estate: When a new listing goes up, what better way to alert potential homebuyers than a quick text? Agents can also use SMS messages to give updates to a list of people looking closely at a particular house, boosting engagement and encouraging people to revisit listings they previously expressed interest in.
  • Education: Whether to communicate safety alerts, test dates or holidays, schools of all levels can use automated SMS messaging to keep parents and students alike informed. Colleges and universities use SMS messaging to keep students aware of everything from security threats to test dates. Colleges and universities use SMS messaging to keep students aware of everything from security threats to test dates.
  • Restaurants: Restaurants and bars can offer loyal customers flash coupons over SMS, or alert their audiences of timely promotions, such as adding new dishes to the menu or kicking off a happy hour.
  • Broadcasting: Media companies can use SMS messaging to count down to movie premieres or notify fans of a particular show that the next episode is about to air. Longer campaigns that nurture audiences over time can be effective at building excitement and anticipation for big broadcast events, such as marquee sporting matchups or special movie marathons.
  • Repairs and services: Missed appointments can be incredibly costly for service companies. From alerting homeowners that a technician is on the way to make a repair to reminding patients of their annual checkups, SMS messaging can help drive down missed appointments of all sorts.

For companies looking to implement a comprehensive SMS marketing strategy, a robust SMS gateway will provide you with the tools you need. Contact us today to get started!