If a company was selling running sneakers, designer handbags, gardening tools or just about any other consumer good, their product would necessarily appeal to a specific type of person, giving marketers a distinct profile they would reach out to. In the hospitality industry, on the other hand, it is far less simple. Hotels attract people from all walks of life, traveling for myriad reasons, making it difficult to find something every guest has in common.

One thing connecting just about everyone who comes in and out of your hotel, however, are the cell phones in their pockets. This makes SMS marketing particularly appealing for hospitality companies, whether to alert potential customers to upcoming deals, check in with guests during their stays, or to solicit feedback from former hotel visitors.

"One thing connecting all of your guests are the cell phones in their pockets."

In what many consider the hospitality capital of the world, Las Vegas, some of the U.S.' most famous hotels use text message marketing in innovative ways. According to Adam Groff of PromotionWorld, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino both alert their loyalty club members of exclusive discounts via text message. At the MGM Mirage, Groff writes, guests can receive real-time discounts during their stay via text messages that have been tailored based on their past activity at the hotel.

With these examples in mind, here are a few other ways your hotel can use SMS marketing to better connect with its guests.

  • Welcome messages: Consider sending guests a text message to welcome them a few hours before their scheduled check-in time. In addition to being a helpful reminder, the message could also allow them to respond with a certain code to simplify their check-in process. Customers tend to respond especially well to SMS programs that are not only informative, but help make their experience with your company more convenient.
  • Request services: Since your guests are likely to be on-the-go for a majority of their trips, it can be beneficial for them to be able to request services such as housekeeping, room service or a consultation with the concierge with a simple text message, rather than having to make a phone call.
  • Event coordination: If your hotel is hosting any special events open to your hotel guests, you could let them know with a daily schedule of events texted straight to their phone. Or, when hosting a conference or other private function, your facility could send specialized conference schedules and notifications to attendees.

For hotels looking to implement a comprehensive SMS marketing strategy, a robust SMS gateway will provide you with the tools you need. Contact us today to get started!